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ASTS Trading System

The Moscow Exchange is continually enhancing trading services, allowing to deliver better services.

Equity, Foreign Exchange and Money Markets are supported by the mature ASTS trading and clearing system. This Trading Engine is an evolved application based on modern modular multi-tier architecture. The system’s infrastructure comprises commodity server hardware located in two physically separated data centers that do not depend on the same power and the network infrastructure. The overall ASTS system architecture comprises the core trading, clearing and market data processing modules enveloped into a layer of access gateways. The latter provide connection management, load balancing, connection fault recovery and other perimeter functions designed to assure fast, resilient and secure user access to core functions. The ASTS system emits a high-volume of market data, including top-of-book, depth-of-book and other customary data elements which are distributed either directly through the system’s own binary interface or relayed through industry-standard market data distribution networks. The ASTS system supports several types of user connections, utilizing both industry standard FIX and FAST protocols, as well as a proprietary high-performance access protocol.

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