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Moscow Exchange trading schedule for 2020 holidays

Dear Clients and Partners,


Moscow Exchange announced its trading schedule for New Year’s and other public holidays in 2020:

The FX, Precious Metals, Equity & Bond, Money, Derivatives and Standartised OTC Derivatives Markets will operate as usual on 3, 6 and 8 January 2020.

On those days, all instruments will trade on the FX and Precious Metals Markets, except trades with "today" settlement and swap transactions with their first parts settled on the same day.


31st December 2019 is a non-trading day on all MOEX markets.

On 1-2, 4-5 and 7th January, 24th February, 9th March, 12th June, 4th November 2020, all Moscow Exchange markets will be closed.

The trading schedule for May holidays in 2020 will be announced in due course.


Source: https://www.moex.com/n25097


Trading calendar 2020 can be reached via the link: https://www.moex.com/s3046


Sincerely yours,


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