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Brokerage services in the Russian Market

Zerich Securities provides full range of financial services for private and corporate investors at the Moscow Stock Exchange through their Prime broker Zerich Capital Management- one of the largest and oldest, since 1995, investment companies in Russia, who regularly ranks among the top 10 leading operators of the Moscow Stock Exchange rating. Their flexible fee policy and the fees being among the lowest ones at the Russian market (0.02% at the stock exchange*) is helping to trade successfully to more than 10000 clients for more than 20 years. Their transparency in all financial operations is proved by one of the largest international auditor- Baker Tilly LLP.

The company is able to lower margin requirements for several highly liquid contracts at the derivatives market for the clients whose assets exceed 500 thousand rubles. Therefore, the clients are able to tune the trading system in accordance with their own investment requirements and implement promising strategies. Furthermore, strategy risks and parameters of force closing are discussed with the clients.

* The example fee given is valid in case of a day turnover of more than 10 million rubles.

Stock section of the Moscow Stock Exchange (standard, classic)

Standard Rate

Daily turnover (RUR) Company’s Commission (% from the amount of turnover)
From To (included)  
0 300000 0.09
300000 1000000 0.06
1000000 3000000 0.04
3000000 10000000 0.03
More than 10000000 - 0.02

Derivative section of the Moscow Stock Exchange

Standard Rate - 1 rub. / Contract.

Currency Exchange Market of Moscow Exchange

Transaction Fee 0.075% (For all trade volumes).

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