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Trading Platforms

Internet trading is the most convenient way of buying and selling securities at the stock exchange. Once the terminal-program is installed on the computer, smartphone or tablet terminal, the user gets access to all quotes, charts, news, and the possibilities to make transactions in respect to all securities almost instantly.

The program has an intuitive interface the familiarization does not take much time, even a novice trader.

Zerich Trader Workstation (TWS)

Zerich Trader Workstation is a multifunctional trading platform allowing to trade at more than 100 trading venues in 23 countries and providing market access to stocks, options, futures, foreign exchange, bonds, ETF and CFD with a single Universal account.

Download the : WindowsMacUNIXiOS.

The Terminal:

  •  optimizes the speed and efficiency of your trade within a single workspace.
  •  provides access to news feeds, important exchange information and basic research that will help you achieve success.
  •  supports specialized models of orders to meet any traders' needs.
  •  helps private traders to control several major orders and to seek the most favorable execution.
  •  provides several ways to connect to the trading system for traders who want to create their own trading applications, including TWS API and CTCI FIX.
  •  allows you to trade on the go with a variety of mobile devices: iPhone, iPad or Android devices.
  •  manages risks in real time.

Platform is available in two versions: fixed (full) version, and the browser version with limited functionality.

To work on a regular basis, we recommend the use of a fixed version. Java must be installed on the computer in order for this version to work.

Why trade with Zerich Securities Limited:

  •  Trade in financial instruments denominated in different currencies with a single account..
  •  Innovation intuitive terminal.
  •  High-tech API interface.
  •  Low commissions.
  •  Trading account from 5000 USD.
  •  Best prices of order execution.
  •  Margin lending with leverage of 1:7.
  •  risk management system based on SPAN

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